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Case Study: NFT for Marketing – Lotus’s Membership

On Mar. 24th, Lotus’s launched its SMART App, an application with both online shopping and rewards programs. 

Besides using AI to offer special privileges and promotions, Lotus’s moves the retail industry by giving away ‘My Lotus’s NFT Generative ART’ to customers for free. It’s a very premium privilege as NFT has become a high-value digital asset that generate value-addition over time.

Lotus’s has prepared 1,500 NFTs with launch of a new membership system on the Lotus’s Smart App. It tries to reinforce brand positioning by building its own NFT through creative collaboration with NFT artist.

This is not only a demonstration of upgrading brand as a smart business, but also goal of expanding customer base. People who are involved in the NFT industry have quite a wide range of ages, from teenagers to working adults or even retired people who are smart that like convenience and ease of life.

Lotus’s NFT ART bears a character that looks like a human in the future that reflects its DNA, developed from concept of my Smart Delight World, a group of people from the future that has diversity and each of them tries to communicate diversity with a modern look and personality, different smiles, and fun. But they have the same connection: they love technology, modernity, and smart just like everyone uses Lotus’s SMART App to make their lives smarter and more comfortable.

Members can collect ticket code to exchange for NFT on Lotus’s Smart App for free and then exchange Lotus Coins to receive them. 50 NFTs are distributed every day on first-come, first-served basis.

Lotus’s is now a brand upgrade full of innovative and technological infiltrations to constantly improve the customer experience that will build consumer confidence that it will continue to operate for a smart life.

If you would also like to expand customer base in a modern way like Lotus’s, Hulkdesign can help brands design NFTs with different styles tailored to their specific brand image and marketing strategy. Check our plans today or chat with us for further discussion!


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