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Speak your own language.

No need for translator.

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Breaking down language barriers

Embark on a seamless communication journey in various fields such as business, healthcare, education, and beyond with EasyTalk. Our cutting-edge speech-to-speech translation technology enables effortless understanding and smooth conversations.


Diverse applications


Embark on a customer journey where hotel staff effortlessly communicates with guests speaking diverse languages, thanks to cutting-edge speech-to-speech technology. Enhancing guest satisfaction, personalized assistance is provided, inquiries are addressed, and guest requests are promptly fulfilled, creating an exceptional and tailored experience.


Speech-to-speech technology allows doctors and healthcare professionals to communicate with patients who speak different languages. It ensures accurate medical information exchange, effective diagnosis, and personalized care.


Speech-to-speech pronunciation correction in education empowers learners to practice and improve their pronunciation skills in a dynamic and interactive manner. Using leveraged technology to receive instant feedback, access targeted practice, and track progress, learners can enhance their pronunciation and develop greater confidence in their language abilities.


In the corporate world, speech-to-speech technology enables businesses to engage with international partners, clients, and colleagues seamlessly. It facilitates cross-border communication, negotiation, and collaboration, boosting productivity and fostering global business relationships.


AI simultaneous interpretation


Talk with anyone useing your own language


Real-time translation saves translation time and provide smooth experiences


EasyTalk AI saves cost substantially


Available anytime and in any place. Consistent translation results and keeps improving everyday


Dedicated training will make the translation result perfect


EasyTalk AI = Simultaneous Intepretation + video conferencing

How it works

step 1


Step 2

Connect headset, create an account, get free trial code, and “Sign In”​

Step 3

Enter meeting ID and click “Join”​

Step 4

Allow “” to use your camera and microphone. Select language, click “Transcribe” and talk​

Step 5

Turn off “Transcribe”, “End or Leave” meeting and “Sign Out”​


Make your communication simpler, more efficient and more accurate. Bring infinite possibilities to global business !


Travel around the world without hassle. Any hotel within your reach by EasyTalk.

Medical Care

Multilingual medical care made easy with EasyTalk realtime translation.


Revolutionize your business with EasyTalk realtime AI Translation without boundary.


Improve cross-language learning with EasyTalk speech recognition technology.


PC/Laptop/Pad, Headphone,  Browser (chrome, edge, etc.)

  • Visit
  • Connect headset and “Sign In”.
  • Enter meeting ID and click “Join”.
    • Please allow pop-up prompt to use  microphone and camera.
  • Select language, click “Transcribe” and talk
    • In the list next to “Translate”, select the language you prefer.
  • Click “Transcribe”, “End” meeting, and “Sign Out”.

Before joining meeting, please make sure all the parties use the same “meeting ID” .

When using it first time, a prompt to allow microphone and camera will pop up. Please allow it to start.

  1. The network speed is slow or unstable.
  2. If you speak away from the microphone, please talk closer.
  3. The voice is too low when speaking.
  4. If you speak fast, please slow down until the a complete sentence is shown. The conversation will proceed smoothly then.

It can be used on pc, laptop, pad. And please also consider Chrome and Edge before trying other browsers. 

  • Make sure the headset is functional.
  • Make sure audio is on, and adjust volume appropriately.
  • Check network condition.
  • Speak slowly, this will help to improve accuracy.
  • Please repeat the sentences that was not transcribed accurately. This will help AI to learn your voice and make improvement in the following transcription.
  • Should you ever find semantic issue, please talk in simple sentences.
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