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Is there an easy way to look into a website or mine through documents?
Forget about KEYWORD, Spotlight AI can turn your website, documents into a human assistant. Spotlight WEB and Spotlight DATA —transform the way you navigate the digital landscape.

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Spotlight WEB

Your website can talk to customer like a real person

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Spotlight DATA

What if your data can speak like a real person?

Talk with your data!

Talk with 10 research papers about mRNA vaccine

Get the results you need, instantly.

Supported document types

Support multiple languages

Easily search in multiple languages such as Thai, French, Japanese, Dutch, Vietnamese...


Supports more than 50 languages

Inquiry can be done through voice

Empower Your Admins: Granular User Access Control for Enterprise Data

The app provides enterprise level user control so that administrator can control who can have right to access enterprise data and can revoke the right whenever necessary like in the case of employee leaving.

Protect Sensitive Documents with Enterprise-Grade Access Control

The app provides enterprise level document control to make it possible that only certain group of people could access the allowed documents and thus add another layer to the enterprise data safety

Use case

Spotlight Natural Language Internal Search is a powerful tool that helps individuals and teams across a variety of industries, including education, engineering, and corporate, become more productive and efficient by finding the information they need more easily.


Spotlight Generative Search engines index and search all educational content, making it easy for users to find the information they need.

Marketing agencies

Spotlight Generative Search helps marketing agencies improve customer service and campaign performance.

Manufacturing companies

Spotlight Generative Search helps manufacturing companies improve efficiency and quality by providing quick access to internal information.

Engineering firms

Spotlight Generative Search helps engineering firms improve productivity and collaboration by providing quick access to internal information.

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Talk with 10 research papers about mRNA vaccine

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