Hulkdesign AI

Diffusion Model: Breathe life into storyboards with consistent character details

Nail character consistency, frame by frame. Skip endless tweaks with AI-powered storyboarding in seconds.

What are you looking for?

General AI

General AI can only generate image, and it is difficult to maintain the consistency of the results

Iterative Refinement

Achieving Style Consistency in Animation Sketches

Time Crunch vs. Talent

Balancing High-Intensity Animation Work with Limited Capacity

Scarcity of Expertise

The Challenge of Few Experienced Animators


Fast Turnaround

No more waiting days for revisions. Our AI delivers stunningly consistent sketches in just minutes.


Easy Edits

Need a quick change? No sweat! Our intuitive interface lets you modify the results with ease and receive immediate updates.


24/7 Availability

Work on your schedule, not ours. Our AI is available 24/7, ready to bring your animation to life whenever inspiration strikes.

General Model

The character is different, even though the drawing style is different.

AI Model Training

Generate character in a unified way

Training Model

The picture shows the same character, even though the drawing style is the same.

Test Leb

Consistent images generated from Pixar animation character Luca with trained AI model