Hulkdesign AI

Healthcare Commercial value

Medical Treatment

Advantage: Speech-to-speech translation allows healthcare providers to communicate with patients speaking different languages, ensuring accurate interpretation of symptoms, medical history, and treatment instructions.

Business Value: Improves patient safety, enhances the quality of care, and facilitates effective communication.


Expanded Patient Base

Advantage: With ability to provide multilingual medical services through simultaneous interpretation, healthcare facilities can attract a broader patient base.

Business Value: They become more accessible to diverse communities, including immigrants, tourists, and expatriates. Can lead to increased revenue streams and long-term growth opportunities.


Efficient Connectivit

Advantage: EasyTalk AI simultaneous interpretation eliminates need for manual interpretation or waiting for interpreters to be physically present.

Business Value: Increased patient throughput, reduced waiting time, and improved resource utilization, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of medical facilities.



Advantage: Simultaneous interpretation can be more cost-effective compared to traditional consecutive interpretation by streamlining communication processes.

Business Value: Healthcare providers can optimize resource allocation, improve workflow, and potentially reduce overall healthcare costs, e.g. save more than 95% cost compared with simultaneous interpretater.